Friday, August 20, 2010

BeadFest Pictures by Marsha

Hi it's Marsha... I had hope to get to the show early on Friday, but got there late in the afternoon, and with my 2 year in tow... I am going back alone on Sunday to actually shop!

Here are some pictures I quick snapped in the D7 Studio & Beadfuddled Booth #408.

Here is Kelly's table of her beautiful beads...that's Kelly at the end talking to a customer.

And a closer view of her fabulous treasures on these really cool, hand created display boards. These pictures don't do them justice. Stop by to see them and get a few for your collection...

These are the trays that contain the many, many beautiful pieces of Nolly Gelsinger...

All kinds of treasures inside the booth... CAR Ceramics pieces and lots of jewelry making supplies.

This part of the table has the Marsha Neal Studio porcelain pendants. I dropped a bag of new stuff off to Darlene today, so hopefully she can get some worked onto the table. Nothing like waiting until the last minute on my end!

And the hand painted silks are on the end of a table right on the aisle. You can't (and don't want to) miss them...

I will return on Sunday to Bead Fest to take more pictures with the digital SLR for detail shots.

-- Pictures Taken With & Posted From My iPhone

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bead Fest Philadelphia Booth #408

Make sure to stop by BeadFest to see us in Booth #408 on Friday, August 20 until Sunday, August 22.

There will be two bead artists (at least) making appearances in the booth throughout the weekend:

Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled
(she says she has some fantastic new pieces that will be available for the show)
(lots of new decal pieces and cutout flower pendants in the works)

Marsha will be taking pictures from the show booth on Friday and posting it here so you can see all the fantastic beads, silks, stringing materials, findings, (and much more)…